MB Crusher Units showed to have the perfect productivity

This is the statement of Mr Dragomir Markovic, after 8 years of cooperation with MB Crusher. 

They began trading within the usual field: demolition. ‘’Thanks to their productivity in the demolition field, these equipment satisfy customers’’ - Says the owner of MCR Globex Group D.o.o. 

They bought the first unit in 2012, and they have been expanding their clientele portfolio since. In fact, by discovering the full potential of the MB’s machines, they are now embracing new fields. Their latest client is a state agency specialized in forestry, and the jaw crusher bucket made by MB’s is the solution they needed to upkeep paths in the woods and preserve the environment. 

In order to make and maintain forest paths, they needed a lot of sub-base, before they had the jaw crusher bucket the process involved numerous trucks up and down the mountain. Along steep paths that are not easy to travel to as they are narrow and full of turns. Each job was time-consuming and the cost was high. 

The bought 2 crusher bucket for their job site, as the MB crusher machine is the suitable solution for road building and woodland maintenance, or any other application involving rock crushing. 

Beyond the forestry sector, they sell the units to companies involved in recycling building waste, and they witness an outstanding performance in terms of reaching great productivities and savings. 

The MB’s units help to protect the environment as by processing waste it can then be reused and repurposed, avoiding consumption of raw materials and moreover, reducing trucks journeys. 

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