We have over 90 per cent market share in India


MB’s attachments have become a complete end-to-end solution, rather than a complementary solution. 
Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB India shares more on the company’s offerings to the market.

[Equipment India, June 2018]

What is the importance of using attachments in an equipment? What are the advantages?
The importance is to get the maximum utility out of one’s machine. Attachments expand the utility of machines such as excavators and backhoes. Items such as bucket crushers decrease dependability on third-party providers to manage those functions/processing requirements. It also saves on transportation costs and time, as it permits one to undertake multiple jobs directly at site.

What are the various attachments you offer for construction/mining equipment?
We offer a comprehensive range of bucket crushers, screening equipment and drum cutters. Our portfolio can cater to any make or model of excavator, backhoe and skid steer loaders. We have recently launched our drum cutter series in India. Hence, with MB’s product portfolio, one can break the stone, crush the material, screen different sizes according to requirements and transport the material. Thanks to MB, attachments have hence become a complete end-to-end solution, rather than a complementary/niche solution.

Do you offer customised and standard attachments? What are the application areas? Which are the major ongoing projects where your products are in use?
Owing to the fact that we have the most exhaustive range of products in our segments, we are already compatible with all machine types. We do have customisation possibilities, if required by the client. Application areas include road construction, demolition, trenching and pipeline laying. We are proud to say that we have more than 90 per cent market share in India, covering a host of projects. MB products are being used nfor recycling materials at various demolition sites, as well as for the building of national highways and rural roads.