We are in tune with the value sensitivity of Indian customer

We are in tune with the value sensitivity of Indian customer

[Equipment India]

MB holds over 90 per cent of the global market share in the bucket crusherspace.

Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB India, elaborates more on the crushing and screening market in India and the company’s outlook.
''We are in tune with the value sensitivity of the Indian customer, which is far different from price sensitivity. As we go forward, we are confident that mobile crushing and screening solutions will continue to make inroads in new application areas.

It will also start to replace traditional crushing solutions [...]

We have recently launched our new fourth series of product range, which build on our previous experiences and customer feedback. The new series has an even greater balance that enhances operator performance and puts lesser strain on the excavator or loader''

''We expect the mobile crushing and screening market to continue making inroads in application areas where traditional static or other mobile crushing solutions have been
successful. As the awareness of our crushing and screening solutions increases amongst our addressable market [...]

India is a vast and diverse country in terms of territory. There are certain regions where transportation costs and space constraints make MB products an economically advantageous solution.
Of course, the overall recovery of the mining sector will also have a major impetus to demand growth.''

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