Supporting PMGSY Project


MB BF90.3 crusher bucket has saved transportation cost and time of Suresh Chandra Sahu, who is doing a PMGSY road project in Odisha.

MB jaw mobile crusher in a rural roads project

The objective of India’s rural roads project, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana  (PMGSY) is to support the expansion and maintenance of all-season rural access  roads, resulting in enhanced road connectivity to rural areas. This creates economic opportunities and social services for beneficiary communities in the participating states.

Suresh Chandra Sahu based in Phulbani district, deep inside Odisha, was involved in road project of 15 km long, under PMGSY scheme to connect interior rural  areas. The site being far away from any quarry, cost of transportation of crushed  stone for granular sub-base (GSB) was huge. Sahu was interested in an MB crusher  bucket as stone was readily available near the site on both sides of the road, as it  passes through a hilly region. BF90.3 crusher bucket, suitable for excavators  starting from 21 tonne, was an attractive proposal for the customer, since crushing the stones directly on site and immediatly re-using it, he can really save a huge  amount of transportation costs

Currently he uses a rock breaker to break up the big boulders into a size of less than 350 mm and then crushes down to 40 mm using MB BF90.3 crusher bucket. MB  Crusher BF 90.3 is designed to resist the most difficult conditions of the workplace and the abrasiveness of certain materials; each individual part of the bucket is designed  to simplify any intervention directly on site and to minimise maintenance operations. This has helped the customer save money and time.