Road Improvement For Qatar FIFA 2022

Road Improvement For Qatar FIFA 2022

Qatar’s victory over the FIFA 2022 World Cup bid is boosting the infrastructure projects (based on Public-Private Partnerships) in the country, worth more than $100bn. Direct investments worth several billion dollars are made in Qatar to build football stadiums and other infrastructure facilities. The stadiums, which have been designed by some of the world’s leading architects, are creating opportunities for local, regional and international contractor companies. Small and medium tier enterprises are also taking part in these exciting projects, which will leave a legacy for the surrounding communities.
AL-JABER AND MAKHLOUF Company is one of Qatar’s leading companies in road-construction and infrastructure sectors, which is currently involved with the FIFA 2022 project. AL-JABER AND MAKHLOUF also provide specialized services in oil and gas sector, petrochemicals, water and electricity for Government, public, and private clients. They added to their fleet a Screening Bucket MB-S18 with a loading capacity of 2.40m3, to carry out the road improvement work in Al Furousiya Street, in the Aspire Zone.

In all this, our MB Crusher is actively helping for the successful delivery of FIFA 2022 infrastructure with its cutting-edge attachments 1 CE&CR July 2018 like crushing buckets, screening buckets and drum-cutters. Units that applied to any heavy machinery simplify crushing and screening of aggregates with remarkable savings on transport costs, equipment, fuel as well as multiplying the profit in the long-term.
MB Screening bucket sifts excavated material of 0-50 mm to be re-used in the same site, eliminating the need to move it to the crushing area, which is about 50 km away from the site. Moreover, the project is in a very crowded and busy road; reducing the trucks traffic to and from the site is playing a key role in the logistic and time of the project.
This 0-50 mm material is mainly used by AL-JABER AND MAKHLOUF for backfilling. Sometimes they add dune sand to the screened material to obtain a high quality sub-base aggregate and use it again in the same site with considerable savings than buying it. “Versatility, reliability and easy maintenance is extremely important to our customers, and
MB Crusher ensures full performance and great efficiency for all such issues” said Mr. Mohammed Abed Al Aziz O Al Mrayat, sales Engineer of Q-fab, partner of MB Crusher on Qatari territory.