Our operators catchline : we don't stop

Our operators catchline : we don't stop

[Construction Mirror, February 2019]
For over 15 years MB Crusher’s mission has been: to boost work, improve productivity, make companies competitive and to tirelessly win.
Tireless is the perfect word to use to describe MB’s patented crusher buckets. As they enable to work non-stop for decades, while all the units require is sparing a few minutes to grease them. Everything processed onsite with zero extra expenses is the MB motto: crushing of any inert material onsite, with no transport, disposal or rental costs. For those who want to take full advantage of onsite processing, MB Crusher buckets lines are the ideal tools. There is a reason why we offer the widest range of crusher and screening buckets in the world: our “first edition” units aren’t “disposable” or obsolete when we release the latest version. Our equipment simply evolve. We improve everything that research suggests while maintaining the quality that leads us to the top of our industry: our excellent on-site crushing, simplified operations, long life, competitive costs. [...] 
“Crushing” the costs to build profit directly on site is a play on words that reveals the golden rule shared by MB professionals and businesses in all 5 continents.