New MB Crusher Drum Cutters: When Conditions are Impossible for others, MB Enhances Performance and Results


MB Crusher launches the new drum-cutter range in the Indian Market

[Construction Technology Today, May 2018]


Already holding the most complete range of Crushing and Screening Buckets in the world, MB Crusher expands its portfolio offering in the Indian market by introducing a new category, intended to represent the new production

Available in 4 models, for excavators and loaders from 3 to 35 tons, they turn any equipment into a real milling machine, further enhancing the utility of the same. On the back of the constant pursuit of Italian manufacturing excellence, and the unwavering use of highest quality raw materials, MB-R drum-cutters unparalleled durability, irrespective of work hours and extreme working conditions.

The new MB-R Drum-cutter grinds particularly resistant and tough materials, such as fragmented rocks, but it can also work on soft materials, such as asphalt or wall coverings, performing with extreme accuracy

It simplifies excavation operations especially where the subsoil is particularly resistant. It digs the trenches necessary for pipe laying and it restores the banks of rivers and streams with speed and precision. It can be used underwater.

The smallest model MB-R500, weights only 300kg. Its reduced size makes it ideal for applications in urban areas and confined construction sites, especially those that require precision. It works easily in city centres, where vibrations and noises must be contained.