MB-LS170 Screening Bucket designed for exploitation of scrap aluminum

MB-LS170 Screening Bucket designed for exploitation of scrap aluminum

The use of waste from industrial processes and their exploitation and re-use in the carrying out of new projects is a regular practice in many countries today.
According to Italy-based MB Crusher, one recent testimony regarding such exploitation of waste comes from one of MB’s Germany-based customers specializing in the recycling of metals and slag from blast furnaces.

The company recently chose one of MB Crushers latest models for their operations, the MB-LS170 screening bucket (shown here installed on a Liebherr Radlader 509 loader.) According to MB, the extreme versatility of the their screening bucket allows their customer in Germany to screen steel residue from the periodical cleaning of their blast furnace. The various sized residues are thus cleaned of residue dust and rendered suitable for resale as good-quality steel. However, the capacities of the MB-LS170 screening bucket doesn’t stop there. It is also used by the same customer for recycling aluminum.

Aluminum dust of less than 30 mm in size obtained after the screening of residue is melted at high temperatures in a specialized furnace, which can be cast into aluminum blocks which are ready to be resold.

According to MB, this residue, which in the past was only considered as material to be disposed of, is now transformed into an exploitable resource, with important advantages from both an environmental and economic point of view.