MB Crusher's smallest model gets an upgrade and wins the challenge against basalt


The theme of autonomy has always been a priority for many building companies.

Being able to be independent in terms of fleet and operators allows for increased competitiveness in a sector in continuous evolution, that of recycling and construction. This means not having to hire equipment or depend on special skills brought in from outside the company, thus optimising costs and increasing competitiveness.

These are exactly the positive features underlined by the owner of the German company Schäuble Hoch- un Tiefbau GmbH in a recent interview.

‘’After having purchased a BF60.1 crusher bucket in September 2016, something has finally changed. I began to think freely about my business, free to programme my work and earn more.
''I would have imagined that such a small bucket (the BF60.1) applied to my 12-ton Komatsu  PC118 excavator would also allow for such highly efficient crushing of basalt.''

Suitable for heavy equipment from 8 tons upwards, MB’s smallest model is now presented in the new S4 version: the fourth generation of crusher buckets. This is an updated and strengthened version, both in terms of structiure and in a number of important technical details. [...]