MB Crusher performance & results


[Australian Earthmoving]

Particularly suitable for rocks and leveling concrete surfaces, in quarry excavation, tunneling, demolition and road works, the drum cutters MB have won the trust of even the more demanding operators with their high performance. Available in 3 models (MB-R700, MB-R800 and MB-R900) for excavators from 6 to 35 tons are ideal for applications in urban areas and confined construction sites, generally difficult to manage with large machines.
The MB Crusher drum cutters are the only cutters in the world fitted with the special patented system - direct drive twin motor system - which allows the differentiated distribution of power to the two cutting heads. In the case of operations on materials of varying hardness, the MB drum cutters adapt, applying power in proportion to the hardness of the material in question: this results in improved stability and a reduction in stress on the excavator arm. [...]


MB's Drum Cutters also have an integrated safety system that is activated when the hydraulic parameters of your excavator aren't set correctly.
Regular maintenance and any intervention needed on the tooth sockets can be done directly at your job site, by simply dismounting the drums, without the need of a specialized workshop.
The use of raw materials of undisputed superior quality characteristics, guarantee to MB drum cutters durability even if used every day in the most extreme conditions. Last but not least the special MB custom hydraulic system limits the demand for fluid and provides a significant cooling effect, prolonging the excavator business.