MB Crusher hydraulics meet ‘most demanding’ jobs on site


MB Crusher has expanded its range of products with three new MB-R hydraulic drum cutters available for excavators from 6 to 35 t.

The Italian company described the new products as particularly suitable for rocks and levelling concrete surfaces in demolition applications, and said they are attracting the attention of even the industry’s more demanding operators.

Accuracy and reduced size make them ideal for applications in urban areas and confined construction sites.

Features include a low centre of gravity to significantly improve the overall balance and drastically reduce the strain and vibrations on the excavator arm, a patented twin direct drive motor to allow force distribution in the two drum  heads, and moulding with proportional force,  which results inincreased  stability and reduced stress on the excavator arm.

The products also feature the MB custom hydraulic system, which limits the demand for fluid while providing a significant cooling effect.