MB Crusher : accounts of crushing from the heart of Baviera making the most of history with the MB Crusher BF90.3 crusher bucket


We are in Mömlingen, a small town in the heart of Bavaria, where recently finished
work has brought new splendour to one of the German town's main squares, in front of the Church of St. Martin. [...]

Fitted on a Doosan DX235 excavator, the BF90.3 crusher bucket was used for
the on-site crushing of cobblestones and blocks of limestone from the preceding excavation of the square. Recycled directly on site, these crushed aggregates were then used on the same work site to fill the sub-floor for the creation of the new square.

There were two evident advantages for the company using the crusher bucket by  MB Crusher: the elimination of costs for  dump disposal and for the purchasing of new aggregate materials for filling, and the consequential complete recycling of excavation materials. [...]