Innovation at the yard with MB Crusher

Innovation at the yard with MB Crusher

MB Crusher has created a product range that allows companies to manage the
full cycle of recycling at the site

[Equipment and product reviews, October 2017]

''Crushing and recycling has become a key aspect of demolition and mining operations and the need to make the most of all available material has prompted astute operators to use the waste material that was once simply piled up, thrown away or brought to a disposal. That’s the reason why it’s important to find new solutions to recycle inert waste at low cost


MB Crusher is the inventor of the crusher bucket and the world leader in the field of equipment for crushing, demolition and recycling.
Nowadays, MB offers a wide range of crusher buckets: 12 models from the smallest, like the MB-C50 (for mini excavators) and the MB-L – that can be mounted on wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders – to the largest, BF150.10, suitable for excavators from 70 tonnes.
Furthermore, MB completes its range with seven models of screening buckets, four grapple rotary movement models and three new drum-cutters.

Innovation at the yard with MB Crusher

MB crusher bucket versatility of use and advantages have led to very high production levels: directly on site, the machine crushes any type of material, and allows the product that requires crushing to be collected by placing it in a mound on the truck or in the site to be filled in, thus hastening operations.

Its application areas are far-reaching: from quarries to mines and from environmental reclamations to rock applications, from general building demolition and the redevelopment of disused industrial and urban areas to the treatment of materials from digs, and from the earthmoving sector to road works.

With an MB attachment, companies save money, minimise their safety risk and recycle materials already at their disposal.

Even large companies that already have big crushing plants within their quarries are deciding to adopt the MB crusher products, which allow them to cover many situations and special processes, such as confined areas and spaces that are difficult to access.

MB crusher buckets do not need drainage and they also ensure higher productivity. In fact, MB’s crushing power exceeds 110m³/hour thanks to their exclusive power enhancer, which allows the bucket to crush the hardest and most tenacious materials, such as basalt and granite. This ensures a finished product with the lowest price in the market and in compliance with the high quality standards required for waste material reuse.

Furthermore, MB Crusher have a low hydraulic demand both in terms of the need for pressure and hydraulic flow rate. The extreme compactness and low centre of
gravity improves balance and drastically  reduces strain on the excavator arm.

MB Crusher holds a series of certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, and it employs Hardox-certified materials to give customers the best possible products.''