GREAT INNOVATIONS for the record-breaking bucket

jaw crusher MB, eco crusher MB

For the undisputed world leader in the production and sale of equipment for earthmovig and demolition the Vicenza-based company, in fact, has prepared two significant updates in the existing range.

[..]The historic model from the range of crusher buckets, the BF90.3, has been overhauled with a third series. Once again MB did not hold back on innovation and introduces a more compact, robust and productive crusher bucket that can be mainteined quickly and easily. Suitable for excavator over 21 tons in weight, the BF 90.3 S3 crusher bucket is particularly suitable for recycling operations involving any type of inert material or demolition waste (road works - excavations - pipelines - ducts).  Despite its size and reduced weight compared to larger models, the BF90.3 S3 achives a production capacity of 41 m3 per hour.

Even the line of screening buckets has been renovated, with the MB-S18 third series model: suitable for excavator betweend 20 and 35 tons, the renewed MB-S18 S3 model is now available with a nebuliser and iron separator, two accessories that increase versatility while allowing it to be used in inhabited areas thanks to the suppression of dust. Compared to its predecessor, the new MB-S18 S3 is more compact, balanced and easier to maintain. [..]