Crushing on site has benefits all around

Crushing on site has benefits all around

Crushing on site provides lower cost, greater efficiency
and a more sensitive environmental treatment.

[Earthmovers-Magazine, September 2017]

''On a construction site and may result in faster, more efficient processes.
The cost of removal and dumping apparently unusable excavated spoil or demolition waste is an expensive, yet potentially avoidable cost. Investment by a contractor in an appropriate specification bucket crusher attachment for on-site reprocessing often makes a clear and compelling business case.

Crusher and screening buckets attached to excavators and other earthmoving equipment allow materials to be processed for reuse, right where they are being
Crushed by-products may be either used as on-site aggregates or profitably on-sold to other sites.

One example is a plant nursery site where a mobile crusher had been set up to recycle concrete slabs. They found that steel reinforcement material kept getting jammed in the crusher and this prevented the feed from being offloaded from the belts.

A solution was found by attaching their MB crusher to an excavator so the steel reinforcement dropped straight out of the bucket. Three dump bins of crushed reinforcement bar were quickly and easily removed from the site in this manner.

Common applications for crusher buckets include demolition, residential building, industrial structures, pipeline excavations, railway track ballast, soil and fill mixes for large scale commercial and infrastructure landscaping.

Constrained spaces, difficult access, steep slopes, congested CBD areas or infill developments in urban areas can also present unplanned, time-disruptive challenges.

Quarries and other extractive industries often operate on multiple levels, linked by internal road systems. Agile equipment such as excavators fitted with crusher buckets are often deployed for crushing tasks as required.

For road construction, you can crush the material and reuse it directly on site as road base, drainage filling and trench filling.

In pipework, crushing gives the option to directly reuse recovered materials for road base and construction and maintenance of sewers or pipelines, drainage filling and trench filling, limiting the purchase of new material and reducing transportation cost.''