Crushing it with savings


Najmeddine Sahraoui, deputy general maanger, Middle East and Africa, MB Crusher, talks about the feasibility and convenience of deploying crusher bucket at construction sites

[Plant Machinery Vehicles, March 2018]

"Savings are easily recognisable with MB products. Transportation costs are eliminated and fuel costs are reduced. The personnel requirement is also minimised, as a single operator can manage the crushing activities as well as the maintenance requirements of the machine. MB Crusher has created a product line that makes it possible to manage the complete recycling phase directly on-site, simplifying the operations of crushing, screening and handling of the aggregates. Crusher and screening buckets, drum-cutters and sorting grapples are installed directly to the operating machine and powered by its hydraulic system."


"Crushing directly with excavators saves personnel, time, and fleet costs and helps transform waste into profits. A single operator can manage crushing and maintenance activities" Najmeddine Sahraoui


"MB Crusher is the inventor of the crusher bucket and offers the widest range of crusher buckets for all operating machines. We have crusher buckets for excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders and skidsteers, so we can satisfy all the customers' requirement."


"The extreme compactness and low center of gravity improves balance and drastically reduced the strain on the excavator arm, eliminating impact and vibration. Equipped with a dust suppression system, iron separator and producing a low noise impact, it can be easily used in any construction site, in total compliance with environmental regulations." says Sahraoui.

Although there's not particular best-selling model, MB'S biggest crushers seem to find increasing demand in the Middle East, according to Sahraoui.




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