Crushing in Lebanon

Crushing in Lebanon

[Mobile Crushers, September 2018]

Mount Lebanon area:

''For Platinum Concrete, this is the business end of the region. The Lebanese outfit is a batching plant operating in the Mount Lebanon area and a sister company of a quarry based in the Dahr el Baidar area, the biggest quarry site in Lebanon, both owned by Koukach & Co.

Owing to recent decisions by the Lebanese authorities to restrict sand quarrying, Koukach & Co were suffering from a singular problem with the powdery stuff – namely its paucity. The lack of access to sand for their batching operations meant that the concrete side of the company’s operations was suffering as well. And so Koukach & Co were looking for an efficient solution to keep their concrete plant mixing away.

The efficient solution that Koukach was looking for came in the form of a MB Crusher bucket BF90.3.

What helped was that the quarry operator had a big stockpile of sand stone, which proved to be the raw material they needed to help them maximise profit while dealing with the regulations on sand.

Anthony Abdelmassih, product manager at Amtrac explains:
“They had the base course for the gravel for their concrete mixture but they were not getting the sand for it. We suggested they could optimise the use of their big sandstone stock, which included boulders. Previously, when there was no shortage of sand, they were simply dumping the sandstone aside. We approached them with the idea that they could use our bucket crusher to crush the stocked sandstone and make up for the shortage of sand''.

Amtrac’s suggestion was a BF90.3 [...].
Mounted on a Volvo EC290B excavator at Platinum’s batching site, the crusher bucket started work, crushing their sandstone into smaller and easily fractured stones to be reused in the concrete mixing operation after being further fractured in a stationary second stage fine crusher''.