Back to school: MB Crusher for 'Oryx International School'

Back to school: MB Crusher for 'Oryx International School'

[Technical Review Middlea East, October 2017]

''The BF90.3 crusher bucket has been working day and night in one of the capital’s largest sites in Barwa City (Doha).

The construction of Oryx International School in Doha consists of two stages. The first stage (Oryx Minor) was completed in November 2016, when the first buildings were opened. Today, the school is operational.

The second project stage (Oryx Major) started in June 2017 and is planned to be completed in May 2018. It involves the construction of 41,000 square metres of campus and a 3-floor building with new classrooms, laboratories and gyms for over 2,000 students. This means it is an important project, involving large companies and a number of businesses, which will provide students with high-quality education in a safe and well-equipped environment.

Mounted on a Volvo EC240B excavator, the BF90.3 crushes the material with different sizes – to change the resulting soil texture, thicknesses can be added into or removed from the MB crusher in just a few minutes.
The crushed rock will be reused to fill on-site excavations and as subgrade for the roads within the school.''

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