An Unusual Delivery Method!

AN UNUSUAL DELIVERY METHOD FOR ONE OF OUR CRUSHING BUCKETS - case history from our dealer Worsley Plant in Uk.

Certainly one of our most unusual delivery methods took place recently in Wales.  We were hiring out a MB BF120.4 to Lynch Plant who used it on a job with Bam Nuttall to build a new lifeboat station in North Wales - the RNLI Porthdinllaen Lifeboat Station.

The Lifeboat station was getting a new Tamar class lifeboat, key to the RNLI's rescue service on the northwest coat of Wales.  Therefore a new lifeboat station needed to be constructed to house the new arrival.

The difficult coastal location, not easily accessible for large vehicles by road, meant alternative methods had to be used. 

It wasn't as straightforward as you might expect, as the Crushing Bucket and its excavator had to be put on a barge to get it onto site!  Definitely a new method of transport for our crushing buckets. 

The use of the bucket allowed materials to be recycled on site. 

The old lifeboat station had to be demolished to make way for the new one, so the demolished materials were crushed and then reused in the construction of the new one.  The remote location meant that the use of the crushing bucket was instrumental in the successful completion of the project with time, cost and environmental savings being enjoyed. 

It helped to minimize transportation costs, reduce costs to landfill save time and save costs to outsource fill material and aggregate.