An interview to our India Branch CEO

An interview to our India Branch CEO

We are glad to announce the launch of our new drum cutter product line in India.
Our new drum cutter line comes in 3 models (MB-R500, MB-R800, and MB-R900). On the back of market acceptability for our bucket crusher and screening bucket lines, we have encountered immediate success. The product has application ranging from irrigation to roads to bridges to quarrying, tunnel surfacing, and pipeline laying. Our technology stands out due to our priority valve, which feeds our two motors according to the independent drum resistance encountered, and we are the only supplier in the market to offer this technology.

MB’s R&D department is the heart and soul of the company.
Our R&D capability is the primary reason that has allowed us to maintain more than 90% global market share in our segment.
Our production facilities in Italy are almost entirely composed of automation and robotic technologies.

Our products are 100% made in Italy, and although we are all aware about the depreciating rupee, we have kept prices steady throughout, as we want to prove our commitment to the Indian market.

High quality aftersales service is a key differentiating factor for us.
We believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. For brand building, we participate in all major fairs in India and do roadshows, undertake customer meets and give live demos at prospective customer sites. We have dealers spread across India who are supported by our own direct salesforce. Our service team is also spread across the country.

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