Shafts screeners

  • ≥ 18 ≤ 24 Ton
  • ≥ 11 ≤ 14 Ton
  • ≥ 11 ≤ 14 Ton

The new MB-HDS series selects and crushes excavation and demolition materials, asphalt, coal, organic materials, wood, bark, and light plastics. It also enables products to be re-purposed immediately on site. It is possible to transform one material into another effortlessly any time you need to: this is the most important and useful innovation.
In fact, with the MB-HDS Screening Bucket, you can easily change the rotating shafts on site in complete safety: one person can do this in a matter of minutes. 

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Technical features

WEIGHT 2,1 ton
PRESSURE 250 - 300 bar
OIL FLOW RATE 120 - 160 l/min

The hydraulic flow and pressure must both meet the required parameters.