From one extreme to another: around the world touring the most spectacular construction sites

Rev your engines: to end the year on a high note, we’re taking you on a journey to see the most unique, extreme, and spectacular construction sites around the world.
From Tibet’s mountain tops to the Saudi Desert, to a remote island in a tropical paradise: the more the site is located in a particular geographical area or immersed in an extreme climate, the more specific the requirements are. It’s essential to rely on equipment that can do the job.

From Tibet to the Andes mountains

What are the challenges of these high peaks?

  • Inaccessible areas

  • Difficulty transporting materials

  • High costs

  • Distance from workshops

In Tibet, a company specialized in road works and construction is working at 3800m above sea level, in a remote area surrounded by spectacular scenery.
Using a BF70.2 crusher bucket, the company crushed waste on-site and produced material to use as the foundation of new construction projects.

With big logistical and monetary advantages thanks to the MB’s crusher bucket for excavators, they eliminate the expenses of purchasing aggregates for future projects.
While in Peru, at about 4000 meters high, in a boron quarry an MB-S18 screening bucket separates coarse material from fine. In this way the material is already selected and can be processed more easily and quickly in the other plants in the quarry, increasing its profitability.


From northern geysers to tropical seas

From one extreme to another: around the world touring the most spectacular construction sites

Some islands may be geographically far apart, but they share the same problems when it comes to construction sites:

  • Transportation costs
  • Difficulty obtaining materials

In Iceland, amidst spectacular landscapes dominated by volcanoes and geysers, an MB-S23 screening bucket installed on a Caterpillar 345C was the winning solution to select large quantities of basalt rocks and immediately obtain filler material to construct a hydroelectric power plant.
In St. Kitts and Nevis, a tropical island located in the Caribbeans, two MB Crusher units are working on a major redevelopment project that involves renovating old colonial buildings and rearranging the natural landscape.

Installed on a Caterpillar 320L, the MB-S18 screening bucket separates topsoil from leaves and brushwood, and the material is reused on-site to maintain green areas. The BF90.3 crusher bucket is used to crush the local stone, a hard type of volcanic granite, the Nevis Stone.

Once crushed, the stone is reused  as hardcore  for building constructions and as roads subbase for the new developing road network.


From the freezing cold to the roasting heat

Let's continue our journey to locations where temperatures reach extreme levels, affecting work on the construction site.
These locations are characterised by several issues including:

  • Finding equipment that can work in extreme weather conditions
  • Logistical difficulties due to the nature of the locations
  • A hard time getting aggregates

We are in Siberia, the snow extends as far as the eye can see. Thermometers read -50°C during the day, almost empty roads, austere mountains and forests to crossA local company brought their BF70.2 crusher bucket to the quarry without struggling to transport it since it was mounted directly on the excavator. The crusher and an MB-S18 screening bucket are used to produce recycled aggregates to be reused to maintain the haulage roads of the quarry.

Something similar happened in Saudi Arabia with its +50°C summer temperature and its mountainous and desert terrain, where a BF90.3 crusher bucket worked in the most difficult of places inside a quarry a location that was not accessible by traditional means.

Finally, let’s do some wine tasting

From one extreme to another: around the world touring the most spectacular construction sites

Let's end our tour in Italy and France, countries known for excellent wines. But what happens at the end of the season, when the only part of the vineyards remaining are the concrete poles are left? 
In this context, MB Crusher’s equipment proves to be an excellent ally, because it helps dispose of the material.

Thanks to MB’s jaw crushers, you can recover concrete (and create a separate pile for the iron) quickly and without spending money on disposal costs.
By installing a crusher on their excavator, the reinforced concrete poles can be crushed while the iron comes out of the unit’s mouth.
To separate the rebar, it’s possible to use an iron separator, an accessory compatible with some crusher bucket units and is conveniently operator from the cab.

The unit is a big time-saver, which translates into economic and environmental benefits.