MB Road

MB Road

It was 1954...

The journey of Carlo Azzolin, the founder of the family business, started soon after World War II.

It was 1954 when a man living in the Northern part of Vicenza Province took his first step in the field. With the construction of the main local pathway, linking Breganze to Fara, Carlo Azzolin combined the significance of the road to a life of business.

He was able to pass down the family business to his children Fausto, Renato, Guido, Diego, and Carla.
The five siblings joined their forces and specialized in the field of crushing, and the creation of MB demonstrated their ability to  continue in theifather’s legacy and to expand the company  worldwide.

Establishment Meccanica Breganzese Srl Establishment Meccanica Breganzese Srl 2001

The first crusher bucket manufactured in the world produced and patented by MB, legendary unit internationally acclaimed

BF70.2, BF120.4
BF70.2, BF120.4

Small-Medium crushing jobs are the suited application for the BF70.2, applicable to excavators weighting more than 14 tons. Suitable for excavators over 28 tons, the BF120.4 is ideal for large projects.


Small but for big needs, BF60.1 is suitable for excavators over 8 tons.

MB France Sarl branch office opening
MB France Sarl branch office opening

The French market is becoming increasingly important for MB Crusher, who in 2007 decided to open a branch office in France, with a fully stocked warehouse and a team of area managers ready to exceed customer needs.

Dust suppression kit

It allows the use water mist to reduce dust emission in the environment.

BF90.3 S2
BF90.3 S2

BF90.3 is revamped and strengthened, thanks to the constant investments in research and development.

Iron Separator

Iron separation development, an accessory applicable to the crusher buckets crucial for the separation of iron from inert materials.


The company growth to limited company, was the realization of a long pursued goal by the Azzolin brothers. A step that means above all international recognition, new frontiers for research, further business expansion and also the likely entry of new capital that will optimize resources. Not only that, the transition from Srl to S.p.A. is a source of pride for all employees MB, which in a few years have seen their reality grow beyond expectations, thanks to their commitment and their enthusiasm and the positive response of the international market.

MB-S14, MB-S18, MB-S23

The arrival of the screening buckets MB-S, three models. Ideal for the selection of natural material, before and after crushing, that reduce crushing time up to 60%.

MB Deutschland GmbH branch office opening
MB Deutschland GmbH branch office opening

Opens a new office in Germany, which entrust with the Italian efficiency and specialization the German customers, thanks to an excellent after sales service, that has always been MB strongest point.

MB Japan株式会社 branch office opening

Tokyo office , in addition to an efficient sales network has a warehouse for the storage of goods and after-sales service management. From this position Japanese customers are served both in terms of presales assistance and after-sales technical support by qualified Japanese native speakers.

BF120.4 S2

BF120.4 is updated and enhanced , thanks to the constant investments in research and development.

Quick coupling MB-A

Quick and versatile , MB quick coupling MB - A improves collection geometry and reduces strain on the excavator.

MB America, Inc. branch office opening
MB America, Inc. branch office opening

Located in Reno, Nevada , in the western side of the continent , the American branch office represent a strategic point for all sale transactions and distribution that the Italian company will have to arrange to meet the already growing market demands.

MB Crusher India Pvt. Ltd. branch office opening

MB India branch office in Bangalore manages all the commercial and after sales operations always in touch with the headquarter. It also function as warehouse stocked with bucket crushers and screening for immediate delivery .

MB-S14 S2, MB-S18 S2

Screening buckets MB-S14 and MB-S18 renewal, offers customers the highest quality products and the best performance . Si rinnovano le benne vaglianti MB-S14 e MB-S18, offrendo ai clienti prodotti di altissima qualità e dalle migliori performance.

MB SHANGHAI branch office opening
MB SHANGHAI branch office opening

MB China , based in Shanghai has a key role for the Italian company . To date, the Chinese subsidiary is fully operational thanks to a team of local experts constantly guided by the headquarter.


Unique in size and performance , is the largest crusher bucket in the world , designed for excavators above 70 tonnes .

MB-L160, MB-L200

Good things come in small packages: the first models of crusher buckets for loaders , skid steer loaders , backhoe loaders were created.


The smallest of the range of screening buckets , suitable for mini excavators from 4 to 9 tons , is still the ideal choice for small yards and gardening.

MB-L120 S2, MB-L140 S2
MB-L120 S2, MB-L140 S2

The range of crusher buckets MB - L widens , hosting two new models .

MB-S10 S2

MB - S10 renewal , it is essential in situations where you need volumetric separation.


Creation of the smallest of the BF range of crusher buckets : small , easy to handle and extremely compact and suitable for excavators from 4 ton.

MB-G600, MB-G900, MB-G1200, MB-G1500
MB-G600, MB-G900, MB-G1200, MB-G1500

Manufacture of the range of rotary grapples rotary handling MB - G , with for 4 models . With interchangeable claws and hydraulic rotation 360 ° allows to handle large loads and all shapes .

MB-S14 S3

MB - S14 screening bucket improvement offering as always high performance and excellent returns.

MB rebrand

MB changes its look with new colors , new communication , new claim and new location: the new headquarters in Fara Vicentino , with an area of ​​17,000 square meters .


Suitable for excavators that exceed 18.5 tons of weight , the bucket crusher BF 80.3 is compact , versatile and suitable for the operations of crushing and recycling of inert material or demolition debris .


Suitable for excavators weighing more than 43 tons, the bucket crusher BF 135.8 was created to meet the specific needs of crushing in quarries , landfills reclaim of inert materials, in large building sites.

MB-C50 S2, MB-L160 S2, MB-L200 S2

They are new models part of MB range , enhanced in performance and efficiency .


A new range of screening buckets, MB - LS , applicable to loaders, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders .

BF90.3 S3, MB-S18 S3
BF90.3 S3, MB-S18 S3

Milestone units are ameliorate, thanks to continuous investment in research and development.


Creation of another model of MB - LS , ideal to break down up to 60% crushing times.


The largest of the screening bucket MB designed for backhoe loaders, is ideal for the selection of natural materials in quarries and large yards.