Excavators are evolving: from diggers to tools


Excavators are much more than digging machines, once equipped with the right attachments they became essential tools to improve efficiency and cut costs.

MB Crusher Excavators Attachment: Crush. Sift. Grab & Repeat

Removal and disposal of demolition debris or topsoil can be time-consuming, and expensive, and often results in wasted materials that could have been recovered and reused. However, the MB Crusher excavator attachment is changing this narrative and revolutionizing the way companies handle demolition debris and topsoil removal.

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A jaw crusher bucket BF60.1 mounted on their Case CX130C has permitted the company to work without having to wait for third-party suppliers.

They set up a yard where they bring all of the materials to be processed, and where they daily reclaim the demo debris. When they need to clear out materials they use their Manitou telehandler with the trommel screener MB-LS140 and the rubble can be used to create new building materials.

Not buying aggregates has reduced the overall costs of demolition and construction projects.

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3 thousand tons in less than a week

3 thousand tons in less than a week

Most of the ten tippers they receive daily contain dump clay soil and their vibrating screener was encountering a few difficulties: the clumps were not breaking and ended up clogging the machines and slowing production.

To increase the production rate it took one of MB Crusher's attachments: a padding bucket HDS323 with the RM rotor kit that could break the clumps and sift the wet clay and in 4 days they processed 3 thousand tons of material using their Volvo ED300DL.

There is no need to add extra machinery, just equipping the excavator with the MB Crusher attachment permits to increase production and have a better product.

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‘’One man band with extra hand’’

This is how James of Craftmore Ltd has described his landscaping company. He has got an extra pair of hands in the form of an MB-G450 grapple that rotates 360° thanks to the electric kit and the also has an MB-HDS207 padding bucket. 

In the morning he sets off with his Kobelco and the MB attachments and he knows that he can reuse the material on the job instead of getting a lorry to come in and taking it away: the entire process is smoother plus he can implement environmental benefit eliminating the extra vehicles.

Is it worth it?

"7 to 8 tons/hr is pretty good going if you consider the costs of removing the material from the side the HDs paid itself in no time" said James.

Craftmore Ltd

The benefits of the MB Crusher excavator attachment are not limited to cost savings and environmental sustainability. The attachment also helps companies boost their profits by recovering materials that would have otherwise been discarded.

This helps offset the cost of the attachment and other construction equipment, investing in the attachment as a profitable one in the long run.

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