Connecting Oasis in Egypt

Some contractors pass under the radar, and we had the chance to catch up with two of them in Egypt. The story they tell is amazing, the job they are carrying out should be applauded by the masses.

Oasis: this stretch of fertile ground surrounded by desert.

Easy to imagine the struggle that is travelling hundreds of kilometres from one to another, Mr Mohamed  Abd Raouf Hussien Chairman of RSquared Construction tell us how they built 100km of road to connect The Siwa Oasis to the  Qara Oasis while:

✔ Finishing the project before the deadline.
almost 20 million Egyptian pounds (1 million euro).

Oases offer the only available water in the vastness of the desert, playing for years a vital role for trade.

Siwa is an extremely fertile and urban oasis and one of Egypt's most isolated settlements with about 33,000 people, of about 80 km (50 mi) in length and 20 km (12 mi) wide. 100km away is located the Qara Oasis with a population of only 363 people.

I have a job with great distance to do


The road to connect them would have cost the company a lot, as getting the raw material needed for its construction meant transporting them from the far-away providers.

R2 company changed the game, they used two MB Crusher jaw crusher buckets BF90.2 to reduce basalt, limestone and dolomite rocks and the distance from the supplying site was no longer a problem.

Mr Mohamed Raouf told us the simple stages:

Cut through the mountain
Crush the stone with MB Crusher bucket to 60mm
Reuse the stone immediately as gravel material to do the base course of the road

3 simple steps that ensured the project was done early saving almost 20 million Egyptian pounds (1 million euro)

I want to save money on my next project


Why did the the RSquared Company chairman choose MB Crusher? Faced with the obstacle of:

Purchase the gravel material from a far way vendor;
Absorb high costs;
Work with a small time frame allowed to complete the project.

He knew they were not able to obtain the quantity of gravel needed to complete the project in time. What he did instead was "rely on MB and use their crusher which reduced the cost and the duration".