Overall, money saved is money earned

Waltair Coal Private Limited, a coal trader located in Vishakhapatnam that brings coal from the mines, has been using traditional crushing methods to process this material, however, they were facing challenges with oversizing and mobility.

By equipping his HEX with a mobile jaw crusher BF90.3 by MB,  he could volume reduce the material and optimize processes at his plant.

Do you want to crush coal with your HEX?


Optimizing the processes at the plant

Mr. Praneeth, the owner, was worried about the larger pieces of coal that he needed to move to the crushing site in order to be processed.

Moving that material needed: equipment, manpower, time, fuel and volume reduction. The original process was time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive.

"The main problem was with the oversizing and mobility," the owner explained. "I had to increase handling and transportation”. In search of a more efficient solution, the client discovered MB's crusher bucket.

“I was searching for easy method of crushing. So I’ve come across this product”. The key factor that drove the decision was the need for streamlined processes to make operations simpler and faster at the plant.

A mobile jaw crusher BF90.3 can do the entire cargo

By attaching the BF90.3 crusher bucket to their existent excavator on site, the client was able to move it wherever coal crushing was needed, reducing handling and transportation costs.

"I don't have to do the logistics there. As I can simply put my machine and do the entire cargo crushing," said the customer.

Easy. Simple. Fast.

The ease of mobility offered by MB's crusher bucket impressed the client, who praised the product, saying "Overall it is money saved is money earned, and so right away, we are saving a lot of money in transportation."

Don't let mobility be a problem for your coal crushing operations.


BF90.3 S4 bucket crusher by MB Crusher

What makes the jaw crusher the ideal tool for coal crushing

The BF90.3 crusher bucket is specifically created for excavators with an operating weight of 21 metric tons or above. It is constructed using durable materials to withstand heavy-duty usage. With a crushing chamber of 0.90 m³, this bucket jaw crusher system is capable of crushing materials on-site, thus eliminating the expenses associated with transportation or disposal.

For businesses looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for coal crushing, MB's crusher bucket is a game-changer. The client was pleased with MB's product and service, and said they would recommend it to anyone doing crushing. "As we are evolving, so should the machines. So I find this really helpful," said the customer.

If you're interested in learning more about MB's crusher bucket and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.


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