Oak Bluff Colony Farms and MB Crusher working cooperatively


Community farming has a direct connection to nature, implementing a  360° sustainable practice where people come together and work towards a common goal.

Recovering all materials available in a community farm is an important aspect of sustainability. This involves reusing, recycling and repurposing all materials that are produced on the farm, such as compost, waste materials and even water.

Do you wish to reclaim more?


Oak Bluff Colony Farms in Manitoba, Canada has gone the extra mile to adhere to the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra. They bought a BF70.2 jaw crusher bucket an MB-S14 trommel bucket and an MB-HDS320 padding bucket to be mounted on their John Deere 210G to process the material around the farm. They can recycle: river stone, sand, soil, concrete and asphalt.

The MB-S14 basket insert chosen is 10x10mm because it can screen the sand from the lake leaving inside the basket gravel. And the portion they don’t need for their projects they can sell as a natural material to local businesses.

With the BF70.2 they managed to crush even the pillar of the old barn. The gravel is immediately reused to upkeep the unpaved farm road and the rebar is sold as scrap metal. The vertical position of the jaw crusher permits to reclaim of reinforced concrete as the metal will not get jammed anywhere, in fact, it is pushed out by gravity with the gravel.


Oak Bluff Colony Farms and MB Crusher working cooperatively
Oak Bluff Colony Farms and MB Crusher working cooperatively

Opportunities to dream big, achieve goals, be entrepreneurial, gain leadership experience, and explore passions are abundant and supported through a community where mentoring, support, encouragement and working cooperatively are offered. A bit like the synergy between the carrier and the MB Crusher buckets, where the combo allows the community to work towards the zero waste goal

While preparing the field for the crop the padding bucket MB-HDS320 is used to process topsoil, removing all of the stone to have a better yield. The same condition applies to all of the extras sold bringing in money for the community.