4 innovative approaches to recycling materials on site


Waste management: before discussing disposal or recycling, one must recognize that so-called 'waste' is not waste material but the world's seventh most important resource.

It allows satisfying material needs without asking anything of Mother Nature.

Recycling is, therefore, much more than an opportunity. It is a solution: for people, the environment, and companies.

With MB Crusher units, it is possible to create a recycling centre on the construction site.

All construction sites generate waste that can now be transformed into new useful material: to fill the foundations of new construction, the excavation of pipes, the roadbed, and gardens as decorative elements. And if it does not find opportunities for use on the construction site, it becomes a commercial resource: it can be sold to other companies.

Here are four examples of companies that with an MB Crusher unit and their carrier machine, have managed to recycle material on-site while cutting time and costs.

If you have an 8-ton excavator

A construction company needs to recover materials to develop and finish its work on time.

On-site, they have an 8-ton Yanmar B7 Sigma midi excavator.

Recovering the material directly at the site becomes easy when the Yanmar B7 Sigma midi excavator installs an MB-C50 crusher bucket: it collects the material and crushes it to the required output size, all on-site.

The material processed in this way is reused for urban and road works.

If you have a skid steer loader

To become independent from the supply of materials from quarries, our customer creates a real recycling centre on-site using two MB Crusher attachments:

- an MB-S14 screening bucket on a Kubota KX080 to separate the coarse from the fine

- an MB-L140 Bobcat T300 crusher bucket to crush it and reuse it as trench backfill.


I have a compact machine, which MB Crusher unit can I install in it?


If your excavator is a 36-ton

By installing an MB Crusher model BF120.4 jaw crusher on a Doosan DX 350 LC, the customer could recycle the material on-site without repurchasing it or dispose of it in landfills or rent a large crusher.

And the operator worked in total safety.


If your machine exceeds 45 tons

Enormous amounts of reinforced C&D demolition material had to be processed to redevelop the area of a dismissed steel complex.

For this, the MB Crusher 135.8 was installed on a 45-ton plus Hyundai, a flexible piece of equipment, easy to transport and use, capable of high hourly output, but above all, able to crush reinforced material without any problems.

I have a lot of inert reinforced material to recycle