Marble is a substance formed through a process where sedimentary rocks are transformed due to extreme temperatures and pressure that turns the material into marble.


It’s a rock that traps light in a way that has made it the first choice for certain industries such as construction, urban planning, furniture and even art. Marble is extracted in a quarry through a variety of methods, but these operations leave a large amount of waste such as damaged slabs, residue from extractions, and so on. However, all of this material can be recovered. Thanks to MB’s jaw crusher, which can be installed on an excavator, the waste is transformed into perfectly crushed material, ready to be transported out of the quarry for later processing. 


This way, you get:


- savings on the costs of transporting all of the marble waste to a different locations,  since the material that would leave the quarry has already been crushed;

a decrease in heavy vehicles circling the quarry and lower maintenance costs for those access routes

- savings on the costs of managing materials, since it does not have to be processed in special centers;

an increased possibility of working on site, even in inaccessible areas while also respecting the quarry because the crusher bucket moves with the excavator and can reach any spot on job site.

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