Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring material that makes up a variety of rocks. Thanks to MB Crusher units, limestone can be crushed, screened, or milled on site and then sold in various sizes for different application areas such as:


- Building and road work

- Metallurgical industry

- Agriculture


Construction and road work:


Calcium carbonate can be processed to create a stabilized substrate, a key material for road construction. The material has a chemical composition suitable to create foundations for infrastructure such as ports, airports, and city squares. It is also used in construction to produce plaster. With MB Crusher buckets, the material can be processed in the quarry right after its been extracted, without needing to transport it to stationary crushers.


Thanks to the adjustable jaws, it’s possible to obtain various sizes that are suitable for different purposes.


Metallurgical industry:


Calcium carbonate, when reduced to an aggregate of a specific size, is used in the metallurgical industry to purify alloys and steel. MB Crusher’s products such as crusher buckets, drum cutters, and sorting grapples make it possible to produce material ready for immediate resale, making the units a necessary tool when processing the material.


In agriculture:


Calcium carbonate has various uses in agriculture services. In fact, calcium carbonate is effective when correcting soil’s acidity levels and helping crops grow. It is also used to protect plants and crops from certain types of parasites and heatMB Crusher buckets allow limestone to be crushed down to create the ideal size for agricultural use. Thanks to the use of a shafts screener it is possible to screen and select fine material and obtain the desired output sizes.


In addition, MB’s shafts screeners are valuable on the job site to aerate and break up the blocks that formed in calcium carbonate deposits.

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