With remarkable savings on transportation costs, fuel, and equipment, it quickly adds back money to your company in no time – and then multiplying that profit for years to come.
MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
MB Crusher | Advantages - EN

One system, many application areas

MB CRUSHER buckets are so versatile that you can use them across several job sites and projects, including:

  • Reducing the amount of materials created from demolition sites.
  • Road work, utility work, and excavation projects.
  • Crushing needs in quarries and mines.
  • Crushing and managing material alongside a traditional mobile crushing attachment.
  • Recycling natural and waste material compiled over time or at construction sites.

Discover the advantages of a unique tool attached to your excavator:

Equipment: MB Crusher attachments that can be applied directly to any heavy equipment.

Qualified personnel: one machine one operator.

Fuel: MB equipment can be fitted directly to the machinery, without any additional consuption of energy or fuel.

Maintenance: each individual part of the bucket is designed to simplify any intervention directly on site and to minimize maintenance operations.

Transport and time: the material is recycled on the spot and put into immediate re-use. You avoid landfill and transportation costs, while ultimately saving time and money hauling material, repurchasing material, and removing material from the landfill.


MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
Bucket Crusher

Perfect for on-site crushing of waste materials. It's the first one of its kind to be introduced to the market.

MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
Screening Bucket

Perfect for the selection of natural materials, both before and after the crushing phase.

MB Crusher | Advantages - EN

Shafts screener
The innovative MB-HDS Shafts Screener is available in 5 models. With interchangeable shafts, suitable for different material selection requirements.

MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
Demolition and Sorting Grapple

Ideal tool designed with a highly sensitive grasping power for precise handling and selecting of demolition materials.

MB Crusher | Advantages - EN
Drum cutter

Efficient grinding and cutting tools to manage difficult, resistant, and varying degrees of hard materials and surfaces.

MB Crusher | Advantages - EN

MB offers original spare parts designed to maintain the original efficiency, functionality and performance of its machinery.

MB, the crusher that transforms waste into profit!

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