Tools to upgrade indonesian power plant operations


Coal is burned to make steam, which runs through a turbine to generate electricity and in Indonesia, nearly 60% of the country’s electricity is generated by coal power stations.

Tools to upgrade indonesian power plant operations
To feed the boiler the coal must be of a consistent size and the tool of choice is the Shaft Screener made by MB Crusher as it provides:

 Increased profitability
✓ Minimize operational costs
 Meeting output sizing requirements

Surface miners which were used occasionally cannot provide a regular output of coal, while a static crusher will have a lack of movements and high operating costs.

An MB-HDS323 shaft screener with RM Kit is installed directly onto a Hitachi Zaxis 210 excavator. And can move around freely reducing the coal to the dimension of 50mm needed to feed the boiler of a steam power plant, reducing the cost per ton of crushed coal.

Tools to upgrade indonesian power plant operations
The MB Crusher Shaft Screener bucket is a hydraulic attachment for excavators, wheel loaders or skid steers, transforming the carrier it is mounted on, in a high-performance mobile crusher or screener.

Speeding operations, while reducing operational costs.
A further advantage of MB’s unit is the possibility to work during the rainy seasons instead of stopping activities. The MB-HDS323 can crush wet coal and:

 Avoid blockage, even if the material is sticky.
 Increase loading capacity, due to the extremely wide mouth.
 Lower operational costs, by increasing results.