“We save time, mainly money and we’re getting more job”

Mr. Ramesh Santy from Techmaaxx Projects and Services W.L.L. from Bahrain explains how he met MB crusher attachments and how they changed his business. Before using MB, they used to excavate hard stone and limestone, bring them to the landfill to be crushed and then bring them back to the jobsite.

In 2016 Mr. Ramesh saw MB crusher and screening buckets at the tradeshow Big5 and he was so impressed that he decided to buy one. Thank to MB Techmaaxx Projects had a significant saving in terms of money and time ‘cause they were able to eliminated completely the costs of loading and transporting materials to the landfill. They could also get more job since they are more competitive now.

Very very nice machine, useful machine, fantastic!” concludes Mr. Ramesh Santy.