The crusher bucket MB-L160 installed on telescopic handler Merlo Panoramic 38.13

The E-Mac CEO with the MB-L160 crusher bucket

The MB-L160 is a crusher bucket with a productivity of 20 m3/h  that can be mounted either on telehandlers

In Montebello Vicentino (Italy) to see first-hand the bucket crusher MB-L160, purchased by one of the leading Italian rental groups. The MB-L160 is a crusher bucket with a productivity of 20 m3/h  that can be mounted either on telehandlers, wheel loaders (7 to 10 tons), backhoe loaders and skid with either rubber tires or tracked (with operating weights of more than 4, 5 tons).



With the MB-L160, each of these machines can be turned into a mobile crusher, efficient, sturdy and extremely versatile.

MB has made specifically for this group a specific type of coupler, which is compatible with different models of Merlo telescopic handlers (either with or without stabilizers), to give customers the maximum flexibility of use without having to permanently assign just a specific machine to the crushing.

Before adding the bucket crusher MB-L160 to its fleet, the renter’s technicians have thoroughly tested it to assess productivity, observe the absence of operational problems and check the range of possible applications to offer to its customers. Tests fully passed!


The characteristic design of the crusher mouth, combined with the structural properties of the MB-L160, allows you to completely eliminate vibrations during the crushing phase so none are transferred to the Merlo’s telescopic arm and stresses that could damage the machine are avoided. The vibrations, in fact, are completely absorbed by the material to be crushed.

The MB-L160 is strong, made of Hardox steel with a weight of 1.45 tons. Its installation is extremely easy and quick. Special upkeep? None, other than the normal routine periodic inspections and regular greasing. The MB-L160 is hydraulic operated with capacity ranging from 110 liters per minute and 200 bar  of pressure.