"So far it has been easy and no problems."

So far it has been easy and no problems.

Interview - I & H Farms Limited



1.        Please tell us a little bit more about your company: What is your business activity? What is your position in the company...?

My name si Irvin and I'm the president of the company I & H Farms Limited


2.        When did you buy our MB-S and which model? / On which excavator is it mounted?

I bought a screening bucket MB S-14 ..I've mounted it on a John Deere 160 excavator.


3.        Which kind of jobs do you do with the MB-S? How do you use it? Which material do you crush?

I'm attualy using it to screen crushed sment.


4.        How did you hear about the screening bucket and our company?

I saw it on-line.


6.        What do you think about the maintenance and use of the screening bucket?

So far it has been easy and no problems.


7.        Do you think our bucket crusher offers you new opportunities to be more competitive in the market? What are the main characteristics that distinguish or bucket from other more conventional screening methods?

It is easy to operate, and absolutely it has given me new opportunities.


8.        In the future, would you buy another product from MB? Would you be interested in this new product? Or would you preferably buy another screening bucket?

Later on, I might be looking around for a cement crushing bucket.