We waste nothing!

"We waste nothing" is the claim of the Statewide team, a leading demolition company in Perth –WA-. They operate on the principle of minimising landfill and maximize salvaging materials by recycling using eco-friendly practice. Kevin Hood has told us why they have been choosing MB Crusher’s units since 2007. 
The first crusher bucket fitting a 20-ton machine was purchased in 2007, they now have few crushers and screeners fitted to their 20 to 22 tonner excavator.

Why did they buy more units?

Mr Hood was very open about the units and their usage, they bought few as they can use them in suburbs jobs when tearing down a house they can recycle directly next door, saving tip money. And they never had a complaint from the neighbours as the MB Crusher machine noise is extremely low. 

They had no problems with the MB's machines, a simple maintenance tip: keep grease up. And the consumable like the jaws, are trouble-free to change it can be done on-site in less than 30 mins.

What sort of jobs can be done?

Kevin did not hold back, he told us how concrete slabs should be recycled, they have learned from experience. On a job they had a lot of concrete slabs to reclaim, they went with a mobile crusher but the wire kept jamming it.

They took it off the site and fitted an MB Crusher on the excavator, and the wire was simply falling through the bottom of the unit, they've done the entire lot without a hitch. And out of concrete posts, you can get the valuable scrap steel and a lot of nice rubble just by feeding the post through the MB Crusher bucket.