MB Crusher unveils MB-R500 mini excavator cutter


[World Highways, April 2018]


MB Crusher’s new mini excavator cutter is said by the Italian firm to turn mini excavators and mini loaders into real milling machines. Launched at Intermat this week, the MB-R500 is designed to be easy to use and makes work at different sites easy, especially those that require precision.

The new MB-R500 grinds particularly resistant and tough materials, such as fragmented rocks. But it can also work on soft materials such as asphalt, and perform the excavation with extreme precision. It digs the trenches necessary for pipe laying and efficiently restores the banks of rivers and streams.

The MB-R500 is also said to simplify excavation operations for the positioning of building support plinths, especially in areas where the subsoil is particularly resistant. It also works without difficulty in city centres, where vibrations and noise need to be contained. 

The new MB-R500 is the smallest cutter head of MB Crusher range. It weighs only 300kg and can be installed on mini and midi excavators from 3 to 12tonnes, on skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders from 3 to 8tonnes. The MB-500’s powerful cutter head has a diameter of 500mm and grinds with extreme precision. Its drum can also be replaced on site in less than an hour, without the need to take the unit to a specialised workshop.