MB Crusher Buckets for your skid steer

MB Crusher Buckets for your skid steer

''We are particularly impressed with the new range of MB crusher buckets, which are built specifically for skid steer loaders.

Graham Murphy of Semco Equipment Group said these are just terrific and an operator can save a lot of time and money. With a crusher bucket it reduces waste substantially as well as trips to the tip as you can recycle your own material on site with ease.

The MB crusher buckets for skid steers benefit a lot of operators as you can now have your skid steer crushing rock whilst your excavator continues to dig or if you only have a skid steer it opens up job opportunities that weren’t always there.

These buckets have an insatiable appetite for crunching rock and the guys at Semco are just as keen to crunch the figures with you and show how an MB skid steer crusher bucket can benefit your business.''