Norway represents a new and highly ambitious goal for MB S.p.A.: the company headquartered in Breganze (Italy) is getting ready to make its debut on the Norwegian market with the best products in its range, crusher buckets.


We had the opportunity to have a talk with Mr Florian Aschwanden General Manager of “A.Markussen As”, a norwegian-based company .



Please tell me a little about your company: What is your business activity?

We usually work with landscaping, civil engineering, railroad, power lines and barrage.


When did you buy our bf and which model? / On which excavator is it mounted?

We bought the crusher bucket in 2011 and we are using it with a Menzi Muck A91 excavator.


Which job do you do with bf?  Which material do you crush?

We’re crushing rock on sites with no transportation possibility (up in the mountains) and we’re crushing concrete.


How  did you hear about bucket crusher and our company?

We found it searching in Internet. We have chosen it because of the good service, short delivery time and price.


The use of bucket crusher has undoubtedly opened you new possibilities and gave an advantage at work. In what terms did you manage to save some money and added value to your work?

We use it for special projects and it allows us to have opportunities and new customers.


We have also asked him what does he think about the maintenance and the use of the bucket crusher: “As far everything works fine – says Mr Aschwanden - so we are happy about this”.


Our bucket crusher offers you new opportunities to be more competitive on the market, right? What are the main characteristics that can distinguish the bucket crusher from the traditional instruments?

I can say that the crusher bucket is flexible and gives us the opportunity to crush stone everywhere. Another thing to underline is that using the crusher bucket we have low machine movement cost.


In the future, would you like to buy another product from MB? As you know, MB is over 10 years on the market and has started to produce the screening bucket as well, or maybe you think to buy another bucket crusher?

Maybe, depending on the market