An interview with AD Contractors Pty Ltd - Australia

An interview with AD Contractors Pty Ltd - Australia

1_ Can you please explain us the nature of your business and the product/products you are offering? We are in the earthmoving, road construction and supply of materials associated with these activities

2_ From how many years you are having the MB crusher bucket? We have had the crusher bucket for 3 years

3_ Which kind of work are you doing? How is he using it? Which kind of material you normally need to crush? We use the bucket to crush bricks, concrete, limestone and gravel

4_ Which are the motivation that invite you to take the decision to start using the MB crusher buckets? How did you know this product? When these buckets were advertised in the West Australian newspapers they seemed to suits our needs for small crushing jobs rather than move our much larger plant.

5_ Why your choice is for the MB crusher bucket and not for a traditional method of works like for example a crusher? After contacting an agent in the New South Wales we decided the crusher bucket was going to be far more portable than a larger crusher unite.

6_ The MB crusher bucket sure give you an advantage in your works: in which terms were they able to save money and which value give the crusher bucket to the work? These buckets are very economical an small jobs.

7_ How are you finding the product under the point of view for the maintenance and use? The maintenance of the crusher bucket is minimal and it is convenient to move from job to job.

8_ We are sure the crusher bucket is giving you the opportunity to be more competitive in the market: which are, from your point of view, the advantages, that help you on that? The ease in moving from job to job and be able to do smaller job on site.