Tiny but Mighty, the Crushers for Small Job Sites


Job sites set in a residential area are typically small and come with many regulations and rules to keep construction work from disrupting the neighborhood’s daily life. While helpful to the residents, these rules become an obstacle for the construction companies working the job. These obstacles consist of:

✔ limited maneuvering space
✔ a strict schedule to follow
✔ needing to be mindful of noise and dust emissions

MB Crusher’s line of crushers for skid steers or mini-excavators helps work on those smaller job sites. The crusher buckets help keep small job sites free of debris and keep the job site productive.


The MB-L140 crusher bucket crushing bricks on a mini-excavator to reuse as fill.


Our customer always worked on small, residential job sites and did a good job working with limited space: make sure the area is clean of debris. However, when they acquired bricks from a house they previously demolished, they soon realized their usual plan wouldn’t work. Their solution? The MB-L140 crusher bucket.

With the crusher bucket, they cleared their job site and avoided the downtime from trucks needing to come onto their site to transport the bricks or finding a system to work around the bricks. By crushing the bricks, they saved space and produced the material they could reuse on their current or future projects.




With our customer’s job site located directly outside someone’s home, they knew they had to be mindful of how much dust and noise was generated. Their best solution was the MB-L200 crusher bucket.

Due to the crusher’s design, the unit crushed the demolition on their job site while minimizing how much noise and dust was emitted. This way, they didn’t inconvenience the neighborhood and produced materials they could easily reuse on the job site.


The MB-C50 crusher bucket crushing concrete


Our customer obtained concrete and decided to find a way to reuse the material and create their aggregates instead of sending it to and paying a local recycler. However, they had to adhere to a strict schedule, couldn’t process material before or after a specific time, and didn’t want to rush crushing the concrete to avoid producing poor quality aggregates.

The MB-C50 crusher bucket quickly processed the concrete and gave them their desired results:

  • created their materials;
  • worked within their allotted time frame;
  • minimized how much noise they made;
  • avoided disrupting the neighborhood’s daily life;
  • significantly reduced their expenses and downtime.