Thinking big! The BF150.10 crushes basalt in the quarry in Armenia


If the quarry is in an inaccessible place then you have to find a simple and economical way to transport machinery and materials.

In Armenia, for example, one of our customers had a bright idea.


To buy a BF150.10 crusher bucket - the largest in the world! - and  install it to his Doosan DX700LC, a great 72 ton ‘’beast’’. He basically got a jaw crusher and installed it on his excavator. Simple as that , the MB crusher, does not require exceptional transport, but can be brought into the quarry directly with the heavy machine. A crusher that allows to crush and reduce the material extracted - in this case basalt - by sitting comfortably inside the excavator cabin. Moreover there is no need to load the material on a truck to move it to the fixed installations site.

Everything the company needs is there, on the spot. And perhaps the crushed material can be reused also to realize the internal viability of the quarry.

Thinking big!