MB’s crushing power

MB Crusher is ready to globally launch the third generation of Crusher Buckets  that have shaped the history of crushing. Upgraded and renovated, the newest BF units still represent, after over a decades on the market, the  most popular and awarded model. For the first time ever the new generation will be on display and working  at Bauma 2016 DEMO AREA, the renowned construction and earthmoving fair.

BF90.3 on New Holland Excavator

Designed for all excavators the new Crusher Bucket are now even more compact with better balance in the collection phase. The crusher’s mouth was further expanded thus increasing the crushing surface and consequently the productivity.  With the dust suppression system, the iron separator and low noise impact, it can be easily used in any construction site, even in residential areas and within total compliance with environmental regulations.

MB buckets are the only ones in the world that does not need drainage, and also the ones that ensure higher productivity compared to the countless imitations of the original BF unit. MB’s crushing power in fact exceeds 110m3 / hour, thanks to the exclusive power enhancer, which allows to crush the hardest and tenacious materials as basalt and granite, ensuring a finish product with the lowest price of the market and in compliance with the high quality standards required for waste material reuse.

MB  buckets are proven the most effective eco-friendly tools in: demolitions, recycling, excavations, road works, quarries, mines and environmental remediation  made for crushing, screening, divide and reuse inert material directly on site.

MB Crusher is the only manufacturer in the world able to offer a complete range of 18 buckets: crushers and screeners for excavators, loaders, skid steer loaders and backhoes from 2.8 to 70+ tons with a 24 months warranty