The opening of MB's new foreign subsidiary is a "stars and stripes" event: the Vicenza-based company, world leader in the production and sale of crusher buckets, has inaugurated its new U.S. headquarters, with offices and warehouses specifically intended for its American customers.


The offices is located in Reno, Nevada, in the western part of the United States, where many other companies of international scope have already set up their base: a strategic location, then, for all sale and distribution operations that MB will have to carry out in order to satisfy the already numerous market requests.


The opening of the U.S. branch represents, on the one hand, the conclusion of a thorough market analysis that has lasted a few years, and on the other a starting point for the already solid presence of MB's products to take root on the market. The efforts aimed at conquering the American market began way back in 2005, when MB participated for the first time in the most important tradeshow for the building and territory construction sector, obtaining significant results which in time have turned into cooperation contracts with dealerships and private companies.

The success of MB's crusher buckets has grown exponentially, even conquering the summits of the American Army: in fact, in 2008 the Vicenza-based company was awarded, through its dealer, a leading role in the construction project of 1645 homes and the renovation of an additional 443 housing units for U.S. Army families, one of the most important construction projects for privatised military housings in Italy since 1996.


In just a few years, then, MB has managed to conquer one of the most technologically advanced and creative markets, putting its touch of genius at the service of a customer base that is as demanding as it is large, made up of customers that have recognized in MB's products an innovative and cutting-edge solution, with versatile use and extremely high productivity.


The new American subsidiary will allow MB to manage product sales and deliveries quickly and efficiently thanks to a large and technologically advanced warehouse, to meet customers' requests through before-sales service and after-sales technical support delivered by English-speaking qualified personnel, with business hours from 8 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock at night.


From MB's Reno-based office, it will be possible to implement marketing campaigns, collect market-related information, and schedule demonstrations and road shows for all possible customer segments.

However, the most important factor is that the new American branch will make it possible to have the buckets on site, ready to be delivered to the construction yard as quickly as possible, thus avoiding long transit times by sea.



Efficiency, determination, seriousness and reliability: this is how MB presents itself to the world, and it is how the company has wishes to conquer the American market, bringing work and innovation to this area. So, MB has no intention to stop now, and it is counting on further improving products and services already at the top in terms of reliability and performance, competing with different markets and cultures on a daily basis, thus strengthening and maintaining its position as unquestionable leader in the production and sales of its award-winning crusher buckets.