A multi-purpose unit


What do you need to do a job well done?

It does not matter what type of job is taken into consideration as any handy person will tell you ‘’the right tool’’.

This is exactly why Jack (real name) has chosen an MB Crusher shaft screener, it is the machine he needed. He was looking for:

  • Speed.
  • Versatility.
  • Precision.

And he found all of the above in the MB-HDS323 as it is the match for his John Deere 210G LC excavator.

A machine to help them to achieve result fast, to complete projects independently and without having to outsource for materials.

This is what the canadian entrepreneur was looking for: a simple and efficient tool for him and his team. 

Also, the idea of using his John Deere and not needing anything else appealed to him. With simply one shaft screener, he sets off to:

  • sift topsoil from rocks;
  • mix topsoil and sand;
  • reclaim old asphalt with precise dimensions.

Would you like to know how you could improve your operations by using your heavy equipment more? We can help!


A multi-purpose unit

Since Jack received his MB-HDS323 shaft screener they have began a new series of jobs they could not even think of before.

Like screening the sand of the beach nearby to make it cleaner, softer and more enjoyable for the community. Or separating the soil from the rocks so that it can be of a better use for farming. Or even reclaiming old asphalt but separating it into different sizes as once sifted it represents a better product to use again.

It is not all as this client also owns an MB Crusher jaw crusher bucket BF70.2 which he uses to reclaim reinforced concrete.

But this is another story…stay tuned!