We have managed to cut back on expenses in transporting materials to difficult locations

We met with Mr.Christos Tsaligopoulos of the company S.A.E.E. in Greece as he had an interesting story to tell.
There is a problem to solve: FLOOD CONTROL. 
We have managed to cut back on expenses in transporting materials to difficult locations

A river bank protection was an urgent need after a river overflowed its banks twice in a short amount of time. The job needed to be: done fast, be strong, be cost-effective​​​.

The choice was to use gabion retaining walls as they are heavy and therefore able to resist the river during a flood. Material and labour costs are a huge influence in the final price of the containment wall however price can be reduced by filling the gabions with locally sourced stones. 

The only requirement is that the stones should be roughly the same size.

They can be outsourced in nearby quarries, but obviously purchasing the stones and transport costs are a great influence in the overall protection system cost, especially when the location of the job is not easy to access.  


Mr. Tsaligopoulos told us how he did it

‘’ We have managed to cut back on expenses in transporting materials to difficult locations.’’ He told us that very often he needs to carry out special jobs in riverbanks, steep slopes and mountains. Access is always difficult and machine and material management are complicated
So, to eliminate some problems, he bought a MB’s screening bucket MB-S18 to conduct all of the work right on the spot.
MB screener at work

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CT: Good day! We bought an MB screening bucket, so we can conduct all of work right on the spot. We can now screen materials faster instead of moving them from the work site. 
The machine’s performance has been exemplary as well as MB assistance has been constant whenever we needed them.
Q: Would you suggest to a potential customer to buy an MB screening bucket
CT: Definitely yes,  they are absolutely great, very helpful and assisted us in choosing the right machine. It was on hand and the delivery to our country was very fast without any problems. The technical department helped us install it and everything worked as it should.
Q: Have you saved money with your projects, or have you changed your style of work?

CT: Now, we do not need to think anymore were the project is located. We can recycle materials on the spot, this being extremely important as we save money, but more importantly we go about with our activities in an environmental friendly behavior. Less trucks driving around, less emissions and we recycle materials on the spot.

Q: What is the name of your company, would you like to share what you do with us?
CT: Our Company name is Tsalikopoulos special projects, we handle environmental projects as well as irrigation/plumbing projects, and it is very common to have difficulties in transporting materials to our construction sites usual locations.
We work on riverbanks, or on steep slopes and mountains. So, most of the times material handling and hardware/machinery management is even more difficult than usual and must handle all aspects with extreme care.  
With this new machine/edition we have managed to cut back on expenses in transporting materials to difficult locations.