Building the railway from Cairo

Building the railway from Cairo

In Egypt, while the population is growing and the economy is growing, consequently there will be more traffic which means there is an urgent need for new infrastructure. Mr Mina told us how Aqua Technology development company how they will build a new railway to connect two cities while:

 Reducing the cost of toll road
 Saving the time and effort of loading the truck
 Reducing transportation and fuel consumption costs

At present, the cheapest way to get from Cairo to El-Alamein is by train and it takes over 5 hours while travelling by road will cut the journey down by half. 240km separates these two cities, but being so hard to reach El-Alamein, althought very popular destination among wealthy Egyptians, has not yet seen the tourist development it deserves. Things will change with the new train line.

I am involved in railway construction


Mr Mina has told us about the difficulties they were facing:

✘ The job in a mountain area;
 Away from public services;
 The crushing plant is 100km away.

All problems were solved by using an MB Crusher jaw crusher bucket BF80.3 to crush down Dolomite rocks. With a stunning production of up to 40 cubic meters per hour, they have the material they need to construct the railway and they also saved:

"Time and effort of loading the material on the truck and transferring it to the crusher that is 100 Km away from here. So it saves me a lot, it reduces the need and the cost of the toll road, transportations and fuel and a lot of other things"Building the railway from Cairo .

How much does this unit costs?


Mr Mina saw the way to deploy an MB Crusher attachment that saves money just by crushing all the rocks that remain after blasting the mountain or digging.

Instead of transporting the rocks to a third party company to be reduced, or leaving them laying around, with the crusher bucket they can crush and reuse on-site, his overall comment was:

"It’s really a great product".