The MB Revolution Reaches The Fourth Generation

The MB Revolution Reaches The Fourth Generation


MB CRUSHER is the market leader for crushing and recycling. Delivering to the market new ideas and high-performance products with capacity and professionalism for more than 15 years. Amazingly not simply amplifying however renewing and strengthening its range.

BF90.3 S4

Produced and patented, the BF90.3 was the first crusher bucket in the world ever made. Designed to resist the most challenging conditions on any site, the BF90.3 is extremely compact, versatile and powerful. Suitable for all crushing operations, it maintains the same results in terms of performance with all types of inert material.

The MB Revolution Reaches The Fourth Generation


In particular, exactly one year on from the last update, this model has been optimised to allow:
• An increase in productivity, due to a functional restyling of the internal structure allowing for an increase in productive performance, strength and improved reliability in terms of stability and working precision.
Increased options for the regulation of materials output.
• Integrated centralised greasing system reducing standard maintenance.
• Increased resistance and performance, even in the most extreme operational conditions, thanks to higher level of power as well as the strengthening of parts and sections subject to stress and wear.

Revolution and innovation are not static factors, but instead present a continuous challenge for improvement.”
These are the words of DIEGO AZZOLIN, head of production at MB, who every day, together with his team, works to offer a range of latest-generation products with unmatched performance. [...]