MB Crusher bucket at work in Slovakia

MB Crusher bucket at work in Slovakia

1)    Please tell us a little bit more about your company: What is your business activity? What is your position in the company...?

VUJE line of business comprises project, implementation, engineering and training activities for nuclear and conventional power plants and for the processing industry.

1)    When did you buy our BF and which model? / On which excavator is it mounted?

Our company bought the crusher bucket model BF 90.3 together with the hydraulic wheeled excavator Volvo model EW 210D in 2012.

3)   Which kind of jobs do you do with the BF? How do you use it? Which material do you crush?How did you hear about the bucket crusher and our company?

The crusher bucket is used for crushing of hard materials, reinforced concretes, the debris of buildings, tanks and disposal of original industrial buildings and constructions. We take the opportunity to set fractions between 20 - 120 mm for rubble production used for the trench re-backfill. I learnt about MB company via internet.

4)    What made you choose to buy our bucket crusher instead of a standard crusher?

The crusher bucket-model BF 90.3 has been chosen because it is one of the most frequently used models and it meets our requirements in terms of size. MB company is a leader in the production and development of the crusher bucket. It was the first company to launch the crusher bucket into the market 10 years ago.

5)    Using the bucket crusher has undoubtedly opened you to new possibilities and given you many advantages. In what terms did you manage to save money and add value to your work with the BF? How much time and resources can you save using it? How many hours a day do you use it for? How many days a week?

The crusher bucket is used approximately 6 hours a day, three days a week -duration is dependant on the amount of material prepared for crushing. Financial savings are difficult to define since the crusher bucket has been used for the last three months only.

6)    What do you think about the maintenance and use of the bucket crusher?

Equipment maintenance is simple and easy - it is carried out according to the enclosed manual.

7)    Do you think our bucket crusher offers you new opportunities to be more competitive in the market? What are the main characteristics that distinguish the bucket crusher from other more conventional  crushing methods?

The most important advantages of the crusher bucket are:

The possibility of material crushing on site or in the places where it  is not possible to use the classical crusher,

Material recycling,

Reduced transportation and organization costs,

No waste  transport to the dump,

No rental costs of big crushers,

Easy and quick to use,

Quick return on investment and reduced costs.