If marble did not exist, it would have to be invented. Yes, because this shiny stone – as its Greek name suggests – has been used since ancient times in art, industry and everyday life.

From the gigantic marble block, to the dust used in paints or kitchen worktops, the raw material is cut, moulded and shaped. Various types of machinery are used to extract, process and shape it, many of which will be exhibited at Marmomac 2018, the world’s most important International Exhibition of Marble, Design and Technology (Verona, 26-29 September).

MB Crusher machinery also processes marble. Installed on excavators, loaders or backhoe loaders on the excavation site, they crush, screen or handle stones that will then be reused in different production contexts.

Thanks to exclusive and patented Made in Italy technology, MB crusher and screening buckets can process all extracted material, in order to render it re-usable directly on-site. The precision of production allows for materials which were previously destined solely for disposal to be processed in regular output sizes, which can be re-sold or re-used on-site, thus leaving the mineral balance of the quarry unaltered.

They require simple and rapid maintenance, which can be carried out directly by excavator operators on-site, guaranteeing problem-free production. It is the flexibility and innovation of MB products that leads important companies, which already have large mobile and fixed crusher plants, to frequently decide to equip themselves with MB crusher and screening buckets, in order to carry out specific operations in restricted spaces which are difficult to access.